Counterfeit cash found in Broadbeach raid

Keep an eye out for fake $50 bills

Counterfeit cash found in Broadbeach raid

There could be some fake bank notes in circulation on the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast Southern Investigative Group issued a warning for local businesses and members of the community to keep an eye out for fraudulent $50 bills.

It was after detectives searched a Broadbeach apartment on Tuesday, May 30, and alleged found counterfeit currency as well as a number of items used to make it, including electronic printers, scanners and drug related items.

A 25-year-old Broadbeach man was charged with making counterfeit money, possessing counterfeit money, uttering counterfeit money and fraud, while a 23-year-old woman, also arrested at the residence, was charged on unrelated matters.

Detective Senior Sergeant Simon Garrett reminded the community to remain vigilant and check the quality of the all notes.

“We are aware people can inadvertently receive these notes in change," he said.

"Check notes and if you think you have been given a fake note, report it to police”.

Here are some tips to spot counterfeit notes:

1. You can scrunch the banknote in your hand and a genuine banknote should spring back

2. If you hold the banknote to the light, you should see the Australian Coat of Arms

3. Diamond-shaped patterns are printed inside a circle on both sides of the banknote. If you hold the banknote up to the light, the patterns should line up perfectly to form a seven-pointed star.

4. The clear window should be an integral part of the banknote not an addition.