Heartless thief targets local charity

Bravehearts vehicle stolen

Heartless thief targets local charity

A heartless crook has stolen a car belonging to a local children's charity.

The Bravehearts vehicle was nabbed from the charity's headquarters on Byth St in Arundel around 6:40 on Tuesday night, when a worker got out and left the Mitsubishi ASX idling while locking the gate.

"No more than a minute later, some guy has jumped in the car and taken off," said a shaken Dan from Corporate Services.

The charity has posted a picture of the car on Facebook in an attempt to find the valuable asset.

"How low can one go? Stealing a car from a children's charity! Had the peevish pilferer asked, we would have given him a lift", the post stated. 

The 4WD has Queensland Registration 591 WAQ.

Anyone who spots it should call the police.