Mid-air terror for Air Asia passengers

GC flight makes emergency landing

Mid-air terror for Air Asia passengers

Image: Facebook; Calvin Boon

A terrifying ordeal for passengers on board an Air Asia flight on its way to Malaysia overnight.

The plane had just taken off from the Gold Coast bound for Kuala Lumpur around 10:30 on Monday night, when passengers heard a series of loud bangs and noticed sparks coming from one of the engines.

The aircraft turned back and made an emergency landing in Brisbane an hour and a half into the flight.

It's believed a bird strike may be to blame for the issues after a couple of dead birds were found on the runway.

All 345 passengers and 14 crew on board were unharmed.

Calvin Boon posted a video on Facebook of fire crews checking the plane out, once he was safely inside the Brisbane Airport terminal.

"Thank God we're all still alive. A very good job for Air Asia's captain but these things happen," he said in the video.

"The flight took off and three minutes after the engine failed already, flames really went through it all".