More nights behind bars for teen escapee

15-year-old to apply for bail

More nights behind bars for teen escapee

A teenage boy will remain behind bars for a few more days at least, after allegedly tricking police into releasing him from the Southport Watchhouse.

The 15-year-old, behind bars over an attempted car-jacking in Helensvale on Thursday night, was let out of his cell on Saturday after saying he was his cellmate, who was due to be released.

It is believed the other boy was sleeping when his named was called.

Officers realised their mistake a short time later but the boy apparently jumped a locked gate and ran off.

He turned up at the police station the next day with his lawyer, and was charged with escape lawful custody and stealing, after he allegedly also took his cellmate's clothes and possessions as well as his identity.

The teenager didn't appear in Southport Magistrate Court when the matter was briefly mentioned on Monday, but it is believed he will make a bail application when he faces court again on Wednesday.

The teen apparently broke out to visit his 15-year-old girlfriend in hospital.

She has head injuries after the bungled car-jacking last week.