Plans to ease Comm Games traffic woes

Changes to keep 50,000 cars off the road

Plans to ease Comm Games traffic woes

The Queensland Government has today revealed its plan to manage traffic and reduce congestion during the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Games Minister Kate Jones revealed the changes on Wednesday, in an effort to make traffic flow more smoothly during the big event next April.

Ms Jones said she was encouraging as many people as possible to stay on the Gold Coast, but knew plenty of spectators will still travel down from Brisbane.

Temporary changes for the M1 include:

- Restricting trucks to the left hand lands from Eight Miles Plains to Broadbeach Road.

- Allowing vehicles carrying athletes to travel along the shoulder of the M1 from Smith Street to Hope Island in bad traffic.

- Temporary speed limit reductions from 110km/h down to 100km/h.

"We know that we're going to see around 150,000 cars on the M1 every day during the Commonwealth Games, but these measures... we expect will reduce traffic on the M1 by 50,000," Ms Jones said.

Paul Turner from the RACQ said he was happy with the temporary changes, but was disappointed problem areas on the M1 weren't fixed sooner.

"We've recently had state and federal government come together to provide funding for a couple of key M1 projects... it would have been great if that had been done a year ago and those choke points were fixed before the Games," he said.

Ms Jones agreed, saying she hoped to see more permanent changes made to the road in the future.

"As someone that uses the M1 regularly between Brisbane and the Gold Coast I understand that people are frustrated.

"It's about time the Federal Government did step up and put in it's fair share to get the M1 fixed".

People are being encouraged to use public transport where possible, to and from the sporting events, with free travel for spectators with a ticket.

There will also be additional train services running between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, more buses, and more Park and Ride areas, including one at Yatala that will hold around a thousand cars.