Police hunt for wanna-be robber

Teen behind two attempted robberies

Police hunt for wanna-be robber

A teenage boy is believed to be responsible for two attempted armed robberies in Chevron Island.

Police said the teen approached two 24-year-old women while they were walking on the south-west side of the Chevron Island Bridge at 8:45 on Sunday night.

He apparently threatened them with a knife and demanded money, but the women ran off without handing anything over.

The same teenager is then believed to have tried to rob a restaurant on Thomas Drive.

Police said he approached the counter and again demanded cash, but the worker refused and the teen ran off.

He was described as 178cm tall with curly, blonde hair.

Police were also looking for a teenage girl, described as 160cm tall with olive skin and long straight black hair, who was spotted nearby during both incidents.