Security firm under fire from Ombudsman

Staff allegedly threatened and underpaid

Security firm under fire from Ombudsman

The owner of a Gold Coast security firm is in trouble with the law after allegedly underpaying his staff.

The Fair Work Ombudsman claims the boss of VIP Security Services, Adam Marcinkowski, took unlawful adverse action against four employees, and underpaid workers almost $16,000.

He was also accused of threatening staff, allegedly saying if he heard of any his security guards talked to Fair Work investigators they would be sent "straight to the dole queue".

Mr Marcinkowski allegedly followed through on the threat, yelling at and firing four employees, including one who failed to return to work immediately, after spending time in intensive care with pneumonia.

The company has since back-paid the three underpaid guards in full but still faced penalties of up to $54,000, while Mr Marcinkowski could be personally fined more than $10,000.

The matter will go before the Federal Circuit Court in August.

The company was contracted to look after a number of Gold Coast City Council sites over the past two years, but the contract wrapped up in April of this year.