Temps cool on the GC after sweltering weekend

A brief reprieve from the heat

Temps cool on the GC after sweltering weekend

You can turn the air-con off for a couple of days, with a break from the scorching hot temperatures on the Gold Coast.

We're in for tops of average January temps of 29ºC through until Thursday, when the mercury's  expected to start climbing back up to the low- to mid-thirties again.

Around a dozen locals were treated for heat-stroke thanks to the blazing sun over the weekend, including a woman who was last night still fighting for life in hospital.

The 45-year-old who works at the NightQuarter markets in Helensvale suffered a heart attack on Saturday evening, triggered by the heat.

Meantime, you might have felt the cool change kick in on Sunday, when the temperature dropped more than 7ºC in half an hour.

Things started to heat up early with the thermometer reaching 34ºC at 10:30am, but just when it looked like we were in for another scorcher on the coast the mercury dropped suddenly reaching to 27ºC, just 30 minutes later.