Winter heat wave

Leave the jumper at home

It feels more like summer than winter on the Gold Coast today.

The South East is sweating through an unseasonably warm couple of days.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicted thermometres would reach a top of 27ºC on the Seaway Wednesday, and 29ºC on Thursday.

Beaudesert could get up to 32ºC both days. 

Forecaster Rick Threlfall said those temperatures were well above the August average.

"Normally we'd be around about 23/24 degrees at this time of year so well above average, particularly over the inland areas," he said.

Strong winds were also predicted, and Mr Threlfall said the sea breeze should take the edge off the heat.

"It will be pretty windy through today and tomorrow but still pretty warm, getting up to about 26ºC right on the coast itself but a little bit further inland we probably should get up to around about 29ºC today and maybe 30ºC tomorrow."

But Mr Threlfall said we shouldn't put our winter woolies away just yet; the warm weather is not set to last.

"Late on Thursday into Friday a trough system moves through and we'll see much cooler air moving in; particularly over the weekend we'll be back down to around 21ºC," he said.