City of Kalgoorlie Boulder Council down to Eleven

Resignation of Two Councillors

City of Kalgoorlie Boulder Council down to Eleven

The City of Kalgoorlie Boulder has been reduced to Eleven at the Big Table following the resignation of two Councillors at the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder Council Meeting on March 27. 

With his recent appointment as the Member of Kalgoorlie - Kyran O'Donnell is no longer allowed to sit on Council as well as be the Member for Kalgoorlie in the Legislative Assembly. Therefore he tabled his resignation to council at the meeting. But it was a shock to Councillors and those in the Gallery when it was announced during the evening Councillor Mick McKay would resign from Council as well. 

Mr McKay who was re elected in October 2015 for a second term, unfortunately was involved in a nasty accident that left him unable to walk. He proved very popular to those in Boulder who enjoyed his passion for making Boulder a better place and having more Council focus than previously. 

Also as part of the Council Meeting, Mayor John Bowler announced that there would be a focus on the 125th Anniversary for the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder in 2018 with events throughout the year and is calling upon residents to join in sending Councillors ideas that would make 2018 - The 125th Anniversary of Paddy Hannan, Thomas Flanagan and Dan O'Shea finding Gold at the base of Mount Charlotte  - a massive Year for the Gold Capital.