Not Sure Where To Vote?

Kalgoorlie Electorate Voting Locations

Not Sure Where To Vote?

If you have never voted in the electorate of Kalgoorlie before here is a list of locations for you to cast your vote!

Polling Booths open from 8am - 6pm Saturday March 11. 

Boulder Primary School - Lane Street Boulder

John Paul College - Lionel Street South Kalgoorlie

Goldfields Arts Centre - Cheetham Street Kalgoorlie

Kalgoorlie Health Campus - Piccadilly Street Piccadilly

North Kalgoorlie Primary School - Campbell Street Lamington

Hannans Primary School - Nankiville Street Hannans

O'Connor Primary School - Johnston Street Sommerville

Coolgardie Community Recreation Facility - Sylvester Street Coolgardie

Kambalda Primary School - Larkin Street Kambalda East

Kambalda West District High School - Salmon Gums Road Kambalda West

Laverton Primary School - Lancefield Street Laverton

Leonora Recreation Centre - Tower Street Leonora

Menzies Town Hall - Shenton Street - Menzies**

Leinster Community Hall - Link Road Leinster

Norseman Town Hall - Princep Street Norseman

** Menzies Polling Booth only open between 8am and 2pm**