Gold Royalty Increase could be back on the Cards

Warning to Industry

Gold Royalty Increase could be back on the Cards

The Nationals WA North West Central Member Vince Catania believes that the Labor Government could look at reinstating a push to have the Gold Royalties increased to assist with Budget repair. The MP is set to visit Kalgoorlie Boulder today and is keen to make sure that the Gold Mining community is aware that all avenues are being explored by the Labor State Government.

“The Labor Government has to find extra revenue to pay for their election commitments in Perth. I believe that they will be looking at raising the gold royalty rate to fill their coffers,” Mr Catania said.

The Nationals WA conducted a State Conference in Kalgoorlie Boulder in 2015 where they created Party Policy to ensure the rate is kept at 5%

“The Labor Government are becoming increasingly desperate to find ways to blame the previous Lib/Nats Government, but they knew that the budget outlook was bad because of the way that the GST was being stripped away from WA and given to the eastern states,” Mr Catania said.

“If I was the WA gold industry right now I would have my fingers crossed that they don’t start looking at them as another way to raise revenue. Quite simply, the Labor Government is running out of people and industries to punish.”
“They have made it clear that they won’t take up the fight with the two big miners to help fix the budget, but they will increase taxes and charges for everybody else. The WA gold industry just needs to hope that they are as untouchable as BHP and Rio Tinto,” Mr Catania said.