International Women`s Day - The Goldfields Way


International Women`s Day - The Goldfields Way

Today is International Women`s Day. We have several prominent wonderful women in our Goldfields. I have tried to capture the story of 3 women who have great stories for Business, Career and Education. 

Carla Viskovich - Elite Choice Real Estate

Carla is a mother of two, Recently Married and runs a successful real estate firm. Carla gives back to a Community that gives to her. Her Balancing Act is below. 

Holly Keily - Bel Capello

After Launching under 12 months ago, This Kalgoorlie Boulder fashion designer and couture expert is wowing the world from Melbourne to London Catwalks, Holly has had a huge year. Hear how its not just fashion that keeps her day running.

Judith King - East Kalgoorlie Primary School Principal

Judith is a breath of fresh air in the education sector. The advancements that have seen students and the school community of East Kal prosper is to be applauded. With staff who go above and beyond for their students, Judith has a massive passion, commitment, enthusiasm and drive to better East Kalgoorlie Primary School and its community. Judith epitomises the bold things that have occurred for change at East Kal