Mayor seeks clamp down on CBD Alcohol Sales

Crisis Meeting Pending

Mayor seeks clamp down on CBD Alcohol Sales

The Mayor of the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder has called for a clamp down on takeaway alcohol sold in the Kalgoorlie CBD. In a media release out by the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder this morning, Mayor Bowler has said this clamp down is the result of business and residents upset at the anti social behaviour in the main shopping precinct. 

As part of this process Mayor Bowler will be calling on Senior Police in the City to use what ever powers that they have to stem the issues that have outraged the community. 

“I know the police can’t close the two bottle shops but I have urged them to use whatever power they have to impose restrictions that will help reduce the drunkenness we are seeing every day in the CBD,” said Mr Bowler.

“The anti-social behaviour is also a deterrent to tourists and prospective employees which is why local companies are having trouble attracting staff. This has got out of hand and the police are run off their feet trying to deal with the consequences,” he said.

 “I will be organising a crisis meeting of various individuals and groups to come up with solutions, some of which were raised at last November’s summit, but events of recent weeks have necessitated the need for urgent action. Possible outcomes include a bus to take the people back to the Lands or even to a designated drinking camp on the outskirts of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.”