Meth use still high for Kalgoorlie Boulder

Dropped by half

Meth use still high for Kalgoorlie Boulder

The latest Wastewater testing report has been released. Meth is the most used illicit substance with WA having the highest usage. With Kalgoorlie Boulder again high but dropping significantly. Estimated consumption of Meth dropped by almost half, but is still higher than the national average. MDMA usage for Kalgoorlie Boulder was also higher than the rest of the state, while Alcohol usage is higher than national and regional averages than Nicotine which is below both averages.

Out of the latest figures Alcohol and Nicotine continue to be the most used substances. 

Other national trends from testing:

  • Oxycodone and Fentanyl exceeds heroin usage
  • 61% of Australia was tested
  • Consumption levels of New Psychoactive Substances indicate this is a niche market