HOWZAT?! Pitch Out....

Work has begun

HOWZAT?! Pitch Out....

The last bit of play on the cricket pitch at Sir Richard Moore Sports Arena was not cricket... It was September 3 and was the Goldfields Football League First Semi Final between Railways and Kalgoorlie City. As works to remove the Cricket Wicket Block at the ground have commenced. 

When the decision was further passed by the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder on May 8,  Mayor John Bowler was outvoted and stumped as he wanted to keep the wickets at the ground. He cited Sir Donald Bradman, Dennis Lillee, Sir Viv Richards and Rod Marsh as just some of the names who have showed their efforts on the wickets at Sir Richard Moore. Going forward Football will be the sole user of the facility for the immediate future. 

Cricket while not expecting to get underway at Ray Finlayson Sporting Complex just yet will remain at Wallace Park and Cruickshank Sports Arena until RFSC is due to be brought online as part of that Council Motion on May 8. 


Hear the Mayor when the decision was approved by Council in May