Campaspe Shire Council Approve Food Organics Service!

Garden organics service to be expanded

Campaspe Shire Council Approve Food Organics Service!

Campaspe Shire Council has approved a food organics and garden organics service to be introduced across the shire.

Mayor Cr Adrian Weston said seeing the service expand to include food organics will further support the direction of reducing the amount of material sent to landfill, from 1 July 2019.

“Food organics currently makes up 37 per cent of the waste stream and removing this significant component will go a long way to reducing waste to landfill and reducing our landfill fees,” Cr Weston said.

“More importantly, it will provide good environmental outcomes as organic material produces methane gas as it breaks down in landfill. This methane is 25 times worse than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.”




The Victorian Government have given a $200,000 grant to Council to support the introduction of the service. The year ahead will see the community being educated on the process around the chance.

53 of 79 council across Victoria have a type of organics service, with 11 of them including garden organics and food organics. 

“By planning well in advance of the starting date, 1 July 2019, we can ensure the community understands how to use the service which will lead to maximum participation and minimal contamination. We can also use information gained from other councils to ensure our program’s success,” Cr Weston said.

Residents are reminded to ensure their current green lid bin is restricted to garden organics until the expanded service becomes available in July 2019.