Everyday Romance

Little things mean a lot!

Everyday  Romance

Valentines’ Day is not the only day to show your love! Get nostalgic by recreating the details of your first date - the restaurant you went to, what you ate and what you did after dinner. It will be like celebrating your anniversary, and tell her how happy you are now that you both first met.


Leave a trail of rose petals from the front door all the way to your bedroom, along with a gift on the bed to make it a romantic treasure hunt.

Dress up as if you are going to out to a restaurant or to just have dinner at home. Women love the fact that you'll be getting dressed up - making anything you decide to do a special occasion.

Pack a picnic basket with all the goodies she loves (cheese, crackers & prawns) and surprise her by taking her on a ‘Moonlight’ picnic with a nice bottle of wine.


Either give her a full-body massage or, reserve a ‘his and hers’ massage and take time off and enjoy relaxing together, after all, not just her day and is perfect for spending quiet time together.


Love is not something you give and receive on Valentine’s Day. Love is something to give and receive every day of the year.