Travelling Conmen Reported In Kialla Area

Have you been targeted?

Travelling Conmen Reported In Kialla Area

Police have advised locals to stay alert, with Travelling Conmen (TCM) reported in the Greater Shepparton area over the past several days or potentially weeks. 

They were last seen working in the Kialla area.

The two male conmen, described as Islander in appearance, offered garden maintenance and tree lopping services and engaged victims by door knocking and leaving business cards. 

The pair, who used the business name "Liquid Amber Tree Works" have caused damage to neighbouring properties when removing trees. 

They used a white Toyota Hilux to carry out their "services". 

Police say, if you suspect a travelling con man is knocking, do not answer.

Travelling conmen often appear in areas where natural disasters have occurred, capitalising on the damage they’ve caused. 


If you need work done to your house make sure you shop around, use established tradespeople who provide written quote and ask for the tradesman's full name and registration. 

If you suspect travelling conmen in your area, phone the national travelling con men hotline on 1300 133 408 immediately.