The Kulin Bush Races Breaks Record

Were you one of the many?

The Kulin Bush Races Breaks Record

The Kulin Bush races were pretty much perfect this year, the weather, the date and the atmosphere. Which may have contributed to it being the most attended Kulin Bush Races so far with an attendance of 3739 people. In that there were 2989 Adults, 300 13-17 year old and 450 kids aged 12 and under.

previous attendance record was just over 2700 adults in 2014 so you can imagine the Shire of Kulin will be very pleased with that number. It is an amazing effort with a team of over 200 local volunteers who put in countless hours over the last 10 months to pull this event together.

Another little factor that may of played a part in the record crowd was WA band Eskimo Joe who tore it up and deliver an amazing gig.

Bellow is my chat with one of the many organisers Simone  - Allan


Our announcer from Central Wheatbelt also put this video together