Arrests follow street disturbance

Tassie video hits social media

Arrests follow street disturbance

Tasmania Police have confirmed that two people have been arrested following a 'disturbance' at the corner of Best and Rooke Street in Devonport last night.

No charges have been laid at this stage, however officials have confirmed that the ugly incident was captured on video which has been seen on social media.

A woman was taken to hospital, and it's understood she has since been released.

Acting Inspector Martin Parker said generally the public was well behaved throughout the afternoon of the Devonport Cup.

"Police were pleased with the behaviour of patrons at the Cup with only two minor incidents throughout the afternoon.  The behaviour displayed by the majority of patrons is to be commended and it allowed for a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere at the venue.  The degree of planning and cooperation with the race committee is greatly appreciated with such a large event”.

There were also a number of police operations throughout the afternoon including 1633 Random Breath Tests conducted with just one traffic infringement issued and one person arrested in relation to traffic offences.