Bicentennial Park Burn

No cause for alarm

Bicentennial Park Burn Image | City Of Hobart website

The City of Hobart (HCC) is planning to conduct a bushfire hazard reduction burn (HRB) in Bicentennial Park from today.

The HRB has been scheduled as part of the City’s program of management of fire risk and ecological values in the City of Hobart bushland reserve system.

The HRB will be implemented when suitable weather conditions exist and as resources permit with HCC saying saying today  (10/10/17) has been designated for a bushfire hazard reduction burn at Rialannah Road.

Council authorities say that if the weather conditions become unsuitable the burn will be held over and conducted when conditions permit.

It is expected some smoke will be produced, and all care will be taken to minimise the impact of this smoke on nearby areas.

The public are requested to keep well outside the burn site while the burn is taking place and for the following few days.

Further information can be found at the HCC website |