Construction Causes Hobart Traffic Changes

more cranes & parking changes

Construction Causes Hobart Traffic Changes
The addition of another new crane to Hobart’s skyline shortly will also see some significant changes to movement through the CBD.

Commencing Sunday 10th December, development of the Hyatt Centric Hotel will get underway impacting the Elizabeth Street Bus Mall including bus stop relocations.

The changes are already starting to be felt with access blocked to 15 minute parking next to the post office on Macquarie St and the relocation of the Elizabeth Street motorcycle parking will follow. Changes have also been made to traffic signals at the intersection of Macquarie and Elizabeth streets to facilitate the changed traffic arrangements.

* Traffic lights on Elizabeth St have already changed

Hutchinson Builders, working on the new hotel development, will occupy part of the roadway in the Bus Mall between the Metro Shop and the Discount Chemist.

While complaints have already started about Macquarie St changes council says the changes are “the only viable solution to provide enough room for a work site”. All changes have been agreed to by Metro Tasmania and the Department of State Growth.

Metro has outlined the changes which will be in place until the end of 2019 and they include the existing Metro Tasmania bus stops servicing the eastern shore relocated adjacent to Franklin Square on Elizabeth Street and to outside the GPO and old Mercury building in Macquarie Street. 

Elizabeth Street (from Davey Street to Macquarie Street) will be limited to buses, taxis, emergency vehicles, bicycles and permitted vehicles but access will remain open for all traffic heading toward the waterfront in Elizabeth Street (from Macquarie Street to Davey Street).

Motorcycle parking will be relocated from Elizabeth Street to Macquarie Street (adjacent to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery) and to Post Street which is accessed from Franklin Wharf.

The existing Metro bus stop in Campbell Street will be relocated into Macquarie Street and will include the installation of a new shelter.

* Macquarie St prepares for the relocated Elizabeth bus mall   

Pedestrian access on Elizabeth Street past the Hyatt Centric worksite will be maintained during the works except when the tower crane is installed and dismantled with detours signposted.

Metro Tasmania’s eastern shore services are scheduled to be relocated from the Elizabeth Street bus mall from Sunday 10th December 2017 and further details about the changes to bus services are available at