Dark Mofo says Nitsch performance will go ahead

Premier says he's unlikely to attend

Dark Mofo says Nitsch performance will go ahead
DARK MOFO has confirmed they won't be stepping in and stopping the performance piece by Hermann Nitsch featuring a dead bull.

This announcement comes despite controversy surrounding the planned June show with the Hobart City Council accepting a petition with around 20 thousand signatures against it last week.

Premier Will Hodgman has said it's unlikely he will attend but says the Government won't do anything to stop the three hour act from going a head at Macquarie Point.  

The Premier saying that it's not for politicians to make the call on the show, and no one is forcing anyone into seeing the performance

MONA owner David Walsh wrote on his blog last week of the opposition to the performance and that he expected "the tide to keep rising". He went on to say " It won't save taxpayers any money if Nitsch's performance is cancelled (unless the whole of Dark Mofo is scrapped). I kick in about $750,000, so it'll just give me a better bottom line. I could donate the returned funds to an ethical charity, but that eliminates all moral ambiguity. If I was sufficiently bloody-minded, I would suggest that I make that donation only if the event goes ahead. But I'm not that much of a 'physiopath' (as one commenter just called me)."