Pinnacle Road, Mount Wellington

Improvement works on the condition of the Organ Pipes Track will mean some regular road closures.

One of the first stages of these works will see the utilisation of helicopter flights to ferry in track repair materials into various locations along the track.


The Pinnacle Road, above The Springs, will need to be closed on safety grounds, from 10 pm until 10 am once or twice a week between March and May 2017, to allow for the helicopter transport of materials prior to 9.30am in the mornings.


Proposed helicopter flight dates can be seen below with actual flight dates weather dependent.


Due to the nature of the weather, confirmation of the dates that the Road will be CLOSED will only be able to be provided late in the afternoon the day before. Hobart City will forward emails to stakeholders of confirmation of the road closures and during road closures, access will remain, under controlled conditions, for emergency vehicles only.


Further details of the works are available at |–_One_Mountain/Great_Short_Walk_Rejuvenation