Tassie gets ready for firefighting

VIDEO of new aircraft

Tassie gets ready for firefighting Image | Southern Cross TV News Tasmania
The Tasmanian Fire Service has received a boost with seven new firefighting aircraft being revealed.

The aircraft can waterbomb areas with up to three tons of water, as well as being used for observation.

There new craft includes 5 helicopters and two Air Tractors, which could be the first point of call in attacking a fire, a head of crews moving in from the ground.

TFS Chief Officer Chris Arnol said the fleet of aircraft is just one part of the firefighting resources that will be deployed to protect the state this bushfire season.

"Aircraft will be used to provide a rapid weight of attack to keep fires in check until fire crews are in place to contain and extinguish fires".

"Our aerial capability supports the great work our crews do on the ground. Aircraft allow us to gather intelligence, transport crews quickly, and drop water and retardants to create containment lines. This means crews on the ground have a greater chance of limiting the size and spread of fires".

VIDEO | Tas Fire Service testing the new aircraft


Mr Arnol also reminding the public to have a reliable bushfire plan, regardless of where you live.

"We have had fires like in '67 came within one kilometre of the GPO in Hobart, we are in Tasmania, one of the worst bushfire places on the planet, and we need you to have a fire plan, if you live in this state".

"No matter where you live, all Tasmanians need to understand their bushfire risk and be ready to act if fire breaks out. The message is simple: know your bushfire risk and make a plan".

The aircraft based in Hobart and Launceston include:

3 x AS350 B3 Squirrel Helicopter - intelligence gathering, waterbombing and aircraft operations supervision
2 x Bell 214B Medium Helicopters - waterbombing
2 x Air Tractor AT 802F Fixed Wing Planes - waterbombing