A number of roads affected this week

A number of Road works planned for the state this week 

Southern Outlet / Olinda Grove interchange roadworks: there will be changed traffic conditions at the roadworks site from Wednesday, 29 March.

Tasman Highway / Mornington off-ramp: night works are scheduled from 6:30pm Sunday, 2 April until 6:30am Monday, 3 April and during this time detours will be in place for all traffic.

Tasman Highway / Morning on-ramp: resurfacing works are scheduled between Thursday, 30 March and Wednesday, 5 April. Works will be completed as night works from 6:30pm until 6:30am (except Sunday, 2 April when works will begin at 3:30pm).

Further information about these all of these works available www.transport.tas.gov.au/road/closures_delays


Reminder – travel time along Midland Highway

When travelling between Hobart and Launceston along the Midland Highway motorists will be travelling through several road work sites. Please allow an extra 30 to 45 minutes for your journey if travelling the full length of the Highway.


Motorists are reminded to slow down and comply with the posted speed limits in all roadwork sites. Speed limits may be reduced when there are changes to the road surface, new or no line marking, changes to centre separation, new or no barriers, or road workers and equipment on the road or at the side of the road.  The need to reduce the speed may not be obvious, but reduced speed limits are for your safety and the safety of road workers.


Please note that works may be subject to change at short notice due to weather.  Be sure to check the roadworks roundup to see where roadworks may affect your trip and allow some extra time for the journey.


The latest emergency road closure updates | www.police.tas.gov.au/community-alerts

The latest Roadworks roundup | www.transport.tas.gov.au/road/closures_delays