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Outrage over Huon vandalism

Who On Earth Does This Stuff? Image | https://www.facebook.com/HuonValley
Repeated vandalism in the Huon Valley has pushed one employee just too far!

Writing on the Huon Valley Council facebook page the writer was moved enough to write " OK, the challenge - try and write this and not get sacked...here goes..."

The weekend attack saw someone fire to a mower in the public toilets on the Esplanade in Huonville, also an oven that was being offered for free was set fire to in Huonville's skate park. Finally the weekend spree also saw the Council Christmas tree in Walton Park, next to Woolworth, damaged for a second time. The latest incident saw so much damage that the tree can no longer be repaired and at a cost of $10,000 it will not be replaced.

It's reported that Tasmania Police have been notified of the vandalism and are investigating.

UPDATE ** The Huon Valley Council has since removed the post.