Burning Codes of Practice out for comment

CFS want your feed back

Burning Codes of Practice out for comment


The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) have released a series of new Code of Practice for Public Consultation between now and the end of March.

SA Country Fire Service (CFS) responds to hundreds of preventable fires each year and has developed a number of codes of practice to provide guidance regarding the safe use of fire and equipment. Of particular concern to the CFS are those fires which occur outside of the declared fire danger season when there are no restrictions on their use.

Fire agencies attend about 300 fires outside of the fire danger season each year largely caused by lack of attention to safety provisions. CFS is hoping its new codes of practice will help reduce this number.

The code of practice for mowing and slashing will not stop people mowing or slashing, but provides some helpful tips to reduce the risk of a fire starting.

CFS has also released a code of practice for solid fuel fires as well, heavily relating to the Environment Protection Authority's Environment Protection (AIR Quality) Policy 2016. This policy regulates the use of fires across the state throughout the entire year, particularly with regard to the type of fuel that can be used.

A code of practice for Apiarists has also been developed in association with the local industry to reduce the risk of fire caused by their activities. 

The CFS developed codes of practice for pizza ovens, broad acre burning, practice use of prescribed tools and vegetation rubbish pile burning two years ago are due for review and open for public comment.

Public Consultation period is open for four weeks until March 31. To read the draft codes of practice and provide feedback visit the CFS website www.cfs.sa.gov.au.