Development in Mount Gambier is on the up

projects nearing completion

Development in Mount Gambier is on the up

Development in Mount Gambier is on the up, two Coalition Government funded projects nearing completion.


The multimillion dollar redevelopment of the Mount Gambier Race Track and the strategic vision for the SA Volunteers Fire Fighters Museum are taking shape.


Regional Development, Territories and Local Government Minister John McVeigh has joined Barker MP Tony Pasin in the region.


Jointly funded by the Coalition Government and Thoroughbred Racing SA; the project is expected to create 12 jobs during construction, and another 24 ongoing roles.


Construction includes earthworks, stormwater drainage system improvements the replacement of the track surface are being completed to support future events in all weather conditions.


The SA Volunteer Fire Fighters Museum Strategic Business Plan 2017-2027 project has been developed to ensure the viability of the Volunteer Fire Fighters Museum, and showcase the contributions volunteer fire fighters have made to South Australia.

Barker MP Tony Pasin said the business plan for the Museum is an investment in the region's history.