Merry Christmas!!! Free calls and public transport for all

from Telstra and SA Gov

Merry Christmas!!! Free calls and public transport for all

Telstra is offering free phone calls and wi-fi access so Australians can contact their loved ones over the Christmas break.

 From Christmas Eve until Boxing Day, Telstra is rolling out free local, national and standard mobile calls from all fixed Telstra landlines and also from more than 16,000 payphones dotted across the country for the 72-hour period.

The telco offered free phone calls at Christmas on their payphone network last year for the first time.

More than 271,000 free calls were made during the three-day period.

But in addition this Christmas, free calls from landlines have also been added and also free access to wi-fi from selected Telstra Air public hot spots.


And For those that need to use public transport this festive season, the state government is set to provide free public transport on Christmas Day. This will apply to trains, trams and buses all day on December 25.


Adelaide Metro will also provide free transport on services on New Year's Eve, starting from 5pm and continuing through to dawn on New Year's Day.