Percy Street Butterfly Art Installation


Percy Street Butterfly Art Installation

An award winning team of artists, engineers and scientists from Victoria University today installed 29 three-dimensional butterflies on the light posts of Percy Street as part of the second installation of the Ripley Arcade and Percy Street Public Art Projects. Skunk Control combines art, science and design and collaborated with local schools to merge creativity and science into public art works for Mount Gambier. 

Taking their science demonstrations to Mount Gambier classrooms, Skunk Control wowed local primary school students with everything from Bunsen burners to slime. Unpacking the science behind light, Skunk Control asked the students to use their new knowledge to create colour designs to be incorporated within their public art project.

"Bringing together the school designs with a special dichromatic material that refracts different colours as the butterflies move in the wind, the installation has added a burst of life to Percy Street," City of Mount Gambier Arts and Culture Development Officer Serena Wong said.


Each light post reflects designs from local schools including Mulga Street Primary School, Melaleuca Park Primary School, Reidy Park Primary School, McDonald Park School and Mount Gambier North Primary School. - Mount Gambier Arts and Culture Development Officer Serena Wong

Nick Athanasiou from Skunk Control said the team was thrilled to be able to facilitate outreach programs in regional areas and include the community in their work.

“Working with schools represents an important part of what we do and we are excited to work with school kids to make something that not only they can have ownership over, but also will enliven and add colour to the city,” Mr Athanasiou said.

“Art and science are often thought of as two completely different things, but we are thrilled that Skunk Control are merging those two areas of creativity and bringing along our schools for the journey. We like to think of it as the science of art,” Ms Wong said.