Southern Zone Rock Lobster season opens 1 October

Make sure your pots are registered

Southern Zone Rock Lobster season opens 1 October PIRSA

Recreational fishers are being reminded to ensure their 2017-18 pot registrations are up to date, with recreational Rock Lobster fishing activity set to recommence in the Southern Zone from 6 am on Sunday 1 October.

PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture urges recreational fishers who intend to use Rock Lobster pots to renew their registrations and brush up on the rules before the season begins.

Rock Lobster fishing rules at a glance:

  • Minimum carapace length - 9.85cm (Southern Zone only).
  • Daily individual bag limit - 4.
  • Daily boat limit - 8 (where two or more people are on-board).
  • Berried Rock Lobster (females carrying eggs) are protected and must be returned to the water immediately.
  • Recreational fishers must clip the middle tail fan horizontally in half before landing.
  • Southern Zone runs from the Murray Mouth to the Victorian border.

All Rock Lobster pots must be registered before use, with a maximum of two pots per person. They can only be operated and checked by the holder of the current registration. If you are caught using or interfering with pots not registered in your name, penalties of up to $20 000 can apply. 

Southern Rock Lobster is an iconic South Australian species and popular with recreational fishers. South Australia is one of the few states to allow the use of recreational Rock Lobster pots.

It is important everyone plays their part in being a responsible fisher and ensuring the long term sustainability of our fish stocks by complying with the fishing limits.(PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture Director Operations, Peter Dietman)

More info on Rock Lobster fishing rules and applications to register recreational pots is available at or through the free SA Recreational Fishing Guide app which can be downloaded via

The Southern Zone Rock Lobster season runs until Thursday 31 May 2018.