Jay and Dave's "Prawn Star"

Start peeling!

Jay and Dave's "Prawn Star"

With Christmas on the way and seafood being the ultimate food tradition on Christmas Day, Jay and Dave are celebrating the festive season by bringing back PRAWN STAR!

 Last Easter, they found Mackay & The Whitsundays fastest prawn peeler in 60 seconds, who then became The, PRAWN STAR of Mackay & The Whitsundays, now they are on the hunt to find their second, if not faster Prawn peeler, to become Mackay & The Whitsundays PRAWN STAR II!

 Do you think you got what it takes?....

Peel more prawns in 60 seconds than anyone else to WIN $300 worth of Seafood from Mackay Fish Markets and be crowned Jay and Dave’s Prawn Star II

 Jay and Dave will be throwing out a line to try and catch 5 contestants to take part of their prawn peeling challenge!

 Listen to us, Jay and Dave for Breakfast from this coming Monday on just how to get on their Prawn Star shortlist.

For Mackay Fish Market, For all your Fresh Seafood this Festive Season!

Russell Coombs can peel 500g of prawns in 1minute 14seconds. Can you?