My public struggle with Lupus.

Yep it's a struggle...

My public struggle with Lupus.

If you have been following our page for a while, you might remember i spoke about my struggle with Lupus. What is it? Well it's not a stupid question. I didn't even know what it was until i was told i had it. Well, in a nutshell its an auto-immune disease. Symptoms vary. Fatigue, joint pain, rash (like i'm sporting at the moment) and fever. These can periodically get worse and then improve. Here are some of the other symptoms that come with Lupus.

  1. Whole body: anaemia, fatigue, fever, or malaise
  2. Mouth: dryness or ulcers
  3. Skin: red rashes or scaly rashes
  4. Hair: hair loss or loss of scalp hair
  5. Also common: anxiety, blood in urine, face rash, flare, headache, joint stiffness, major depression, raynaud's syndrome, sensitivity to light, swelling, water retention, or weight loss

Why am i telling you this? Well i'd like to think that by sharing my story and struggles in my life, it might help others. Im one of the "lucky ones" who doesn't have the extreme case of the disease, but it's enough to make me feel insecure. When i have a breakout (which you can see by the attached photo) I feel very unattractive and it does get me down somewhat. I explain to my friends and family that it feels like you have a massive pimple or coldsore on your face which is visible for everyone to see. You know people are looking at it, but they say they aren't. 

For me my weight fluctuates, i get rashes, mood swings like there is no tomorrow (just ask Dave) and i get very tired at times. Im very lucky to have a partner who helps me manage the disease. 

In short, be kind. You may not know what someone is going through. That person at the local shop or at school with the rashes on their skin and face, may just be suffering from the same disease.