Road Closures around the region - 23rd February 2018

Be safe on the roads

Road Closures around the region - 23rd February 2018

There have been some roads closed around the region after the weather this week.

Here is the current list of roads closed in the Mackay-Whitsunday region:

  • Gregory Highway, Clermont: Hazard: Adverse driving conditions
  • Carfax Road, May Downs: Hazard: Debris on road
  • Isaac River Road, May Downs / Valkyrie: Flash flooding
  • Belshore Street, Moranbah: Hazard: Debris on road
  • Mount Stuart Bedford Weir Road, MacKenzie River: Flash flooding
  • Kilcummin Diamond Downs Road, Kilcummin: Flash flooding
  • Huntley Road, Cheeseborough / Wolfang (Includes Dysart Clermont Road to Dysart): Flash flooding
  • Mills Avenue, Moranbah (western lane closed): Hazard: Debris on road
  • Marlborough Sarina Road, Sarina / Sarina Range: Hazard: Road damage
  • Grasstree Road, Bundoora / Middlemount: Long-term flooding
  • May Downs Carfax Road, May Downs: Long-term flooding
  • Rose Street, Moranbah: Hazard: Debris on road
  • Dysart Clermont Road, Dysart: Hazard: Adverse driving conditions (includes Huntley Road to Gregory Highway)
  • Mountain View Road, Collaroy: Hazard: Road damage (scours in road surface, soft and boggy sections)
  • Spring Creek Road, Strathfield: Hazard: Road damage (drive to condition - proceed with caution)

                                                                 Original Source: Daily mercury

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