Water Notices Issued by Mackay Regional Council

Watch the letterbox.

Water Notices Issued by Mackay Regional Council

Have you been watching the flow of your h2o? That's the message from Mackay Regional Council. Water usage notices covering the six months from March to September have now been issued. Dry weather has seen a marginal increase in consumption this billing period when compared to the same period last year.

Infrastructure and Services Committee chair Cr Karen May said sign up to the myh2o website to keep track of your water use. “More than 12,000 people have now signed up to the myh2o website,” she said. “It allows you to keep track of your consumption and how much it’s costing you each day. Myh2o will also send you an alert if you have a leak at your property or unusually high consumption.”  

 More than 29,000 leak notifications were sent to customers this current billing period via a combination of letters, emails and SMS messages. “The alert system has resulted in a significant decrease in concealed leak applications,” said Cr May. “Three years ago we received just over 250 applications over a 12-month period for relief as a result of a concealed leak. “This has been reduced by 33 per cent since the launch of myh2o, highlighting the value of detecting concealed leaks early.”

Residents are reminded to watch the flow of their h2o over the next few months as the weather heats up to avoid large expenses on their next bill.

For more information on "Watch the flow of your H2o" program or to contact Mackay Regional Council, click here