Monday's Hot Breakfast Headlines

Thugs On The Run After IGA Robbery

Monday's Hot Breakfast Headlines

Morning Melbourne, sunny today -30.

Three thugs are on the run after an armed robbery on the IGA supermarket at Wyndham Vale last night.

The offenders wearing hooded jumpers and gloves went into the store around 9:30 pm waving knives and threatening staff.

One of the staff at the supermarket, a woman in her 50's received cuts to her hand but was able to be treated at the scene.

The group got it's hands on an amount of cash and cigarettes before fleeing the scene. Police have the CCTV footage which is reportedly very clear and they're hoping anyone in the area at the time might have dash-cam footage which could help the investigation.


If you've had jewellery stolen from your home in the past couple of months, today might be your day to get it back.

Victoria Police will release around 400 images of stolen jewellery this morning on the force Facebook page in the hope of returning it to the rightful owners.

The jewellery was seized from a store in Collins Street last month, during an investigation into the handling of stolen jewellery.

Authorities believe the items were stolen during home burglaries in the weeks leading up to October 5 this year.

If you believe you may own any of the stolen goods, then contact 03) 8690 4936 between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

You'll be asked to provide your details and quote the unique reference number located on the image.

The loot is allegedly linked to a man accused of trading in stolen jewellery, 31 year old Alex Mendieta was charged last month in connection with a series of smash-and-grab robberies on jewellery stores, and goes to court in January.


Seven short satellite calls have been detected believed to be from an Argentine submarine missing in the Atlantic ocean with 44 people on board since last Wednesday.

Help in the search for Ara San Juan has come from Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil and the United States but the sub is yet to be located. One theory is a fire on board the boat may have knocked out it's communications systems.

The Argentine navy has says the sub has multiple ways of communicating, as well as ample food and oxygen. It's protocol is to surface if there’s a communications blackout.


Aussies are being warned to go easy on the credit cards over the next few weeks, so they don't go into 2018 in even more serious debt.

Estimates by financial services firm Canstar say we're likely to rack up $56 billion on credit cards by Christmas Day, about $3342 per person.

The Reserve Bank says we already have $51.4 billion owing and more than $31.4 billion is accruing interest.

An average shopper on credit this year - (interest rate of 17 per cent) who only pays the minimum amount off, they will pay $3800 in interest and it will take them 18 years and 3 months to clear.