Assault, Robbery At Balaclava Sparks Dramatic Police Chase

"It's too easy for them."

Assault, Robbery At Balaclava Sparks Dramatic Police Chase

A man has been arrested following an assault and robbery in Balaclava yesterday.

At 4:05pm on Monday, a man was working at a Carlisle Street when he was knocked to the back of the head and his ute stolen.

Shortly before 1am on Tuesday police spotted the vehicle run a red light on Fitzroy Street, St Kilda.

Officers gave chase but had to terminate the pursuit due to safety reasons.

A short time later it crashed on Highbury Grove, Prahran and the driver fled on foot.

The dog squad and air wing tracked the 39-year-old down behind a residence on Chomley Street.

He was taken to hospital due to injuries sustained during the crash and is expected to be charged with assault, robbery, theft and traffic-related offences.

On Tuesday morning the victim's boss, Cody Whelan telling the Hot Breakfast more needs to be done to protect businesses from thieves who swiftly pawn stolen goods. 

"The laws need to get harder on them," he said. "It's too easy for them."