Bollards Might Not Stop Cars

Look bad and don't work

Bollards Might Not Stop Cars

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The state oppositions and Southbank residents have raised concerns the new anti-terror bollards could still let cars through.

They were put up around Southern Cross Station and Crown Casino in the last couple of weeks.

A heap of people have been complaining about how they look, someone even making a bollard cozy.

Now it's come to light there are gaps in the zig-zag design that could allow a car to drive into the busy Southbank pedestrian area.

"The ones that have been placed are ugly, and there's questions about whether they do the job intended," Shadow Police Minister Ed O'Donohue said.

"Bollards are an intrusion into an area, and we want to make sure the pay off for that intrusion is that they are effective.

"We need a guarantee they'll do the job they're supposed to.

"On it's face it seems curious that a driver could zig-zag around the bollards and cause damage to others."

There's still no permanent plan for the bollards, with the ones in place at the moment temporary.

The Andrews Government has previously flagged more bollards going up around the city.

We like how this person handled the bollards: