Bureau Of Meteorology Defends Their Melbourne Storm Forecast

'I'm quite satisfied.'

Bureau Of Meteorology Defends Their Melbourne Storm Forecast (Image: Getty)

The Bureau of Meteorology says they would put out "similar" warnings for the storm that has hit Victoria this weekend, despite a lack of impact in Melbourne.

The Bureau warned the state was in for a "10 out of 10" storm, with as much as 250 millimetres of rain forecast for parts of the state and between 60 and 120 millimetres to hit Melbourne.

But so far the storm hasn't reached that intensity in Melbourne, with less than 25 millimetres hitting the city.

State weather bureau manager Dr Andrew Tupper said the event went fairly similar to what was described.

"I'm quite satisfied that the event is pretty much as we described - it's just a bit of a bonus that Melbourne itself hasn't been impacted as much," he said on Saturday morning.

"The way that this has panned out is essentially very similar to what we were predicting.

"I guess the good news is, from the Melbourne perspective in particular and those in western Victoria, the event hasn't affected that area as much."

Tupper said the severe warnings would continue in future, even if Melbourne didn't cop it.

"But, despite all the disruption of preparation - we know that events have been cancelled and people have put in a lot of work - it was certainly the kind of event worth preparing for.

"So, if we had our time again, yes, we would put out an event with similar language to that."