CCTV Footage Shows Couple Shot Inside Nightclub

Anti-corruption commission investigates

CCTV Footage Shows Couple Shot Inside Nightclub

Images: 7News 

Some more details out today about what happened inside Inflation nightclub on the weekend, when a man reportedly pulled a gun on officers during a Saints and Sinners Ball in Melbourne's CBD.

A man and woman were shot and then tasered inside the club by heavily armed officers during the event, which's described on their website as, "no holds barred extravaganza of adult fun."

Heavily armed police were called to the King Street club before 3am, after reports of a man dressed as Batman villain 'the Joker' holding a gun.

It's reported that gun was a replica, part of his costume, but that began nearly an hour's worth of police negotiations after reports the man was pointing the gun.

The Age reports that armed officers stormed the first floor of the nightclub 32 seconds after entering, almost an hour after deliberations by their colleagues.

The video is very dark and it doesn't appear to show if the 35-year-old man was pointing a gun at the officer, as police claim.

There are also claims ny management and staff that the man was not holding a weapon, or that he was attempting to pull his pants up when shot.

The victims who were shot during an alleged sex act, have been identified as Victorian bartender Dale Ewins, 35 and local government facility co-ordinator Zita Sukys, 37.

Victoria's Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission announced it would examine the incident.

Source: The Age