Cops To Renuite Rightful Owners With Stolen Jewellery

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Cops To Renuite Rightful Owners With Stolen Jewellery

Images: Pexels 

If you've had jewellery stolen from your home in the past couple of months, today might be your day to get it back.

Victoria Police will release around 400 images of stolen jewellery on their Facebook page in the hope of returning it to the rightful owners.

The jewellery was seized from a store in Collins Street last month, during an investigation into the handling of stolen jewellery.

It's believed the goods were stolen during home burglaries in the lead up to October 5.

Although cops have worked hard to find the owners there's still a lot unclaimed.

If you believe any of the stolen jewellery may belong to you then contact 03) 8690 4936 between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

You'll need to provide your details and quote the unique reference number located on the image. 

Check out the images here. 

The stolen goods are allegedly linked to 31-year-old Alex Mendieta, who was charged last month in connection with a series of smash-and-grab robberies on jewellery stores. He goes to court in January.