Courier Accidentally Pinches Boy's Wheelchair

It was a mix-up with a happy ending

Courier Accidentally Pinches Boy's Wheelchair

An even better ending for a Reservoir mum, who was appealing for help to find her son's stolen wheelchair, but this delivery guy may have a red face!

Police have put the brakes on their appeal to find the missing chair because it turns out the 11-year-old's mode of transport hasn't actually been pinched.

The local courier mistakenly picked up the wheelchair and no offence has been committed. 

The boy’s mother Jessica explained that her son spent 25 days in a critical care unit recovering from a serious lung infection, and she was desperate to find the chair because her boy's mobility was impacted.

Earlier, Fox FM had a call from listener Wayne from Pakenham, who generously offered to buy this 11-year old boy a new wheelchair, but turns out he won't need it now.