Five New Lion Cubs At Werribee Zoo

They were born on Saturday

Five New Lion Cubs At Werribee Zoo CUB TROUBLE: two cubs born at Werribee last December venture out to say hello

The pride at a Melbourne Zoo has grown by five after a lioness gave birth to a litter of ferocious fluff balls.

Lioness Nilo gave birth to her brood in quick succession in the early hours of Saturday at Werribee Open Range Zoo, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

They are off display in a special nesting den, with vets and keepers monitoring them closely via video camera.

"The team are pleased to see lioness Nilo recovering well following the birth, attentively feeding and grooming the cubs," the zoo said in a statement.

"It's very important that Nilo has a secluded space to bond with and to care for her cubs during these first few weeks."

The gender of the cubs will be determined at about six weeks of age.

Born after a gestation of three months, lion cubs are particularly vulnerable at birth, opening their eyes at about 10 days and becoming mobile at three weeks.