Flemington's Laksa King Saved From Serious Fire By Neighbours

Quick thinking.

Flemington's Laksa King Saved From Serious Fire By Neighbours Image: Google Maps

Two quick-thinking neighbours of the popular Laksa King in Flemington have saved the building from serious damage after an oil fire.

The fire broke out on Wednesday morning in the kitchen, forcing the restaurant to be evacuated.

The owners of the nearby Curry Cafe, Michael Vass and Rakesh Ramachandran, ran in to help after the fire crews were delayed.

“Lots of acrid smoke, plastic-burning smell, we got outside and everyone’s running out, there’s billowing smoke coming out of the doors and windows,” Vass told Broadsheet.

"We were waiting for the fire brigade for five or 10 minutes, but they didn’t come...it took the fire brigade over half an hour to get there."

Ramachandran, a former oil rig worker with training in fighting oil fires, and Vass helped extinguish the fire before any serious damage broke out.

The two were worried the fire would set any oil in the exhausts above the kitchen alight if it became too serious.

“That’s why we sprang into action...if that happens it’s all over,” Vass said.