Friday's Hot Breakfast Headlines

Find out what's happening today.

Friday's Hot Breakfast Headlines

Good morning Melbourne.

Looking cloudy with showers and possible afternoon hail for your Friday, tops of 14.

Here's what's making news:

  • Victorians could be paid to turn down their air conditioners during days of extreme heat during this summer in a bid to avert widespread blackouts.

The Energy Market Operator is considering a $30 million trial which would offer incentives to customers who volunteer to be on standby to cut their power use during emergencies or days of peak demand.

They believe this could take up to $500 per annum off their power bills.

  • A Sunbury woman's been taken off the road for a year after she was dobbed in for allegedly driving more than two times over the legal blood alcohol limit with a child in the car.

The woman, 49, was spotted driving along Mitchells Lane just before 5pm on her way to pick up her teenage daughter from school.

She decided to walk home after a member of the public voiced their concerns with her, and later the police.

Officers paid a visit to her home where she returned a 0.125% Blood Alcohol Concentation.

She's expected to be charged.

  • It's not too late to get a flu shot according to medical experts, who say the virus will stick around for another four weeks or so.

Doctors say patients are suffering from secondary infections because they're developing a different strain to the first one.

On Thursday the Victorian Department of Health confirmed 12,000 cases, with 20,000 expected by season's end.

At least 73 people have died nationally.

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  • Victorians are being urged to double check their cupboards with chip-maker Kettle announcing a recall across the state and NSW.

Seasalt and rosemary flavours with a before before date of November 11 may contain pieces of rubber.

We've got more on that one here.