Got A Myki Fine Lately?

This Site Will Explain Your Rights

Got A Myki Fine Lately?

If you're one of the hundreds of people being hit with a Myki fine every week across Melbourne, this one is for you!

A new website has launched for commuters who feel nervous, angry or intimidated when faced with ticket inspectors and public transport fines.

Confident Commuter has been set up by legal advocacy group Liberty Victoria, to help people understand their rights and options while riding our trains, trams and busses.

The website's project manager, Emma Buckley Lennox claims more than 70 per cent of commuters say they feel emotional when having their ticket checked.

"The government has made all of these changes, but failed to properly communicate them to commuters. Many commuters who have made an honest mistake continue to be caught out by a frustrating ticketing system," she said.