Hot Breakfast Headlines: Monday October 23

Have you seen Sienna Nouse?

Hot Breakfast Headlines: Monday October 23

Good morning Melbourne.

Possible showers this morning to start a cooler week, tops of 18.

We're all being urged to keep an eye out for a missing 11-year-old Dandenong girl.

Sienna Nouse was last seen at 8pm on Sunday and is described as 150cm tall with brown eyes and short curly brown hair.

She was wearing a grey Adidas jumper and blue jeans.

Police are cracking down on creeps lurking on our city's trains, buses and trams.

They're launching a two week blitz to find suspects wanted on more than 24 offences from upskirting and obscene exposure to sexual assault.

A hundred more incidents have already been reported compared to last year, but officers don't believe it's becoming a widespread problem.

"Each year we have 590 million passenger trips undertaken on Victoria's public transport network and the actual offending equates to less than one a day," said Transit Safety Division Inspector Karl Curran.

"While that's one too many, when you look at it holistically the public transport system is an overwhelmingly safe system to use."

The Hands Off Campaign will also feature images of the people police are seeking.

New claims drivers of hybrid cars are being ripped off with the amount of fuel their cars are using, compared to the advertised fuel consumption rate.

The Australian Automobile Association will today release a new report which details testing of 30 different cars.

On average they were found to use 23 per cent more fuel than claimed, while some emitted seven times the legal limit for noxious gases.

Fuel consumption in one model of plug-in hybrid vehicle was up to 337 per cent higacher than advertised.

For the second year in a row there's been a fall in the number of Victorians being snapped by red light and speed cameras.

100,000 less infringements were handed out in the last financial year, according to the Department of Justice.

It also saw a notable drop in the number of drivers breaking the rules in 40km zones.

All up, three million notices were given.