Unlucky Reservoir Bloke's New Jackhammer Taken In Mistaken Hard Rubbish Grab

Reservoir bloke loses jackhammer

Unlucky Reservoir Bloke's New Jackhammer Taken In Mistaken Hard Rubbish Grab

Good morning Melbourne. 


An unlucky Reservoir bloke has lost his brand new hydraulic jack in what he thinks is probably a simple misunderstanding.

The man was straightening up a tree on his nature strip when he went inside to quickly take a phone call, leaving the new toy on the grass.

He ran back outside after realising someone may think it had been left out for hard rubbish collection.

Alas, only moments later it was already gone.

He has posted a sign on his front tree asking for the person to return it.


Mystery surrounds the discovery of a body in a shallow grave at a vacant Tyabb farm on Sunday night.

The remains were disinterred at about 6pm on Monday and taken away for an autopsy.

Police refused to release a number of key details including who found the body and when he died, only confirming that it was male.

It's believed he may have met a violent end – black gloves and duct tape located on the property and taken for forensic analysis.


Fire investigators will spend the day at Melton where an empty house was destroyed in a suspicious blaze overnight.

Twelve crews found the Harkness Road property well alight when they arrived just after 1am, focusing their efforts on stopping the spread to neighbouring grassland.


The Department of Immigration is sitting on a backlog of 118,000 applications from hopeful would-be Australians.

The Coalition's proposed immigration reforms, flagged in June, are believed to have sparked a spike in applicants hoping to avoid the amendment, which would see permanent residents forced to wait four years before applying for citizenship.

That bill expired last week and has officially been dumped from the Senate's schedule.